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Three poems on Love

Englisch GK 13 (2009/10) von Frau Lüdke



Freedom and Slavery

by Paul Leander Schütte

do you take the lonely way
or the doom of passion
alone or as a pair
free or caught
our love to each other
must be huge
can you take
my freedom away
and put me in
a golden cage
if you can
I will follow
but I can't promise
that I will




My First True Love

by Jessica Engelken

True love you’re asking me about
is he most beautiful thing in the world.
You are fully satisfied, free and gay
not just at night – but also during the day.

You feel like you can’t breathe
you feel like you can’t speak
you are sure to die by touching him
you are sure to die by losing him.

And when you touch him you die
while catching breath because of full happiness.
And when you lose him you die
while searching for words and sinking into full darkness.

Love, you’re asking me about again,
causes in the end a much stronger feeling:




by Thies Leifermann

Here goes my poem with this first line
I think about you all the time
When I first saw you I melted away
You're like my angel who'd come to stay
A guardian angel to save my soul
instead it was my heart you stole

When I first saw you it was your smile
Which made my world stand still for a while.
When we first talked your words like a spark
setting me on fire, bringing light in the dark.
When the time came that we had the first kiss
I knew that you I'd never want to miss.

And now I let my love light shine
telling the world that you are mine.
You're truly the best that happened to me
and I do think that we are meant to be
Together. I will never let you fall
I will be there for you through it all.

It's safe to say, I mean it's true
these words feel right, girl, I love you!



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